In the past week, Black Panther is now at #5 for the best opening weekend of all time bringing in $202,003,951. I have now seen this movie twice, and both times I have been blown away by the depth of characters and storyline in this movie. I do not want to spoil anything for anyone so I will not go into the details, but you can expect a very entertaining 2 hours and 20 min.

Billy Graham

Black Panther is a movie that fits today’s needs. Over and over again, we see the messages of social justice and unity. When I ask people what they think the moral lesson of Black Panther is, they say one of those two. Today, we need equality and unity more than ever. God’s church should be a catalyst for this movement. As we reflect upon the departure of Billy Graham, let us listen to his great voice of equality and unity to see that it is a noble pursuit worth following.

I think the producer did intend these messages to be in there, but there is another message inside Black Panther that could’ve easily been missed. As I watched the Black Panther, I couldn’t help the repetition of one idea: Identity. As the Black Panther was fighting the king of the Jabari tribe, his sister, Shuri, said: “Tell him who you are.” Then on the mountain, he was talking to Nakia and she told him, “Only YOU can decide what kind of king you want to be.” Lastly, the very last phrase of the movie was a kid in Oakland, California asking T’Challa, “Who are you?”

T’Challa was a good king. We see this in Civil War and Black Panther. He makes wise decisions that only people of high integrity and character would make. Yet, he unexpectedly lost his father and was made king–all within a week. In the mess of life, he had to find all over again WHO HE IS. You can be a good person and find yourself in the mess of life asking, “Who am I?” You may find yourself in this very position today. If so, then you must go on the journey of a lifetime to regain who you are.

In my own life, I have asked this question too many times to count. What I have found is that I can only begin to know myself when I know my creator. The pursuit of identity is lost if you seek for it outside of the love of God. One of the most revolutionary heart-wrenching things I had to realize is that God sought me. I am precious to God and he wants to be with me. David says in Psalm 139:7-8 “Where can I go from your Spirit? Where can I flee from your presence? If I go up to the Heavens, you are there; if I make my bed in the depths, you are there.”

God is calling out to every person “I LOVE YOU and I WANT YOU!” From that call, now we have to respond. When T’Challa was challenged he faced the enemy, but when it comes to the saving of our souls, God took the challenge and sent his son to battle for us. Jesus fought and won so that you could be connected with God again. No longer do we have to wander this earth wondering who we are; we have the opportunity to enter into communion with the Father. You can know who you are because you have the opportunity to know your Heavenly Father. 

Let today be the start of taking the time to know your Heavenly Father. First, take time in silence and know that he is with you. Then in that silence, begin to feel the love of God embracing all your hurt, pain, despair, losses, and struggles. A daily practice of letting God speak over you leads to knowing who you are.

Grace and peace.

Nick Settles Initials

SOURCE: Box Office Mojo

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