7 lessons from 1 year of marriage

In everything, let the gospel be the narrative of your marriage. Remind yourself of your desperate need for God's grace. Know your sins are forgiven in Christ. Walk in new life knowing the old has passed away and the new is here. Your spouse can't take your sin. Only Jesus. When we surrender to Christ then forgiveness gets easier, patience gets easier, and love gets easier. Because we know that Jesus did it for us.

black lives matter

Black lives matter is not an attack on all lives matter.  When I hear well meaning white friends say "all lives matter" my heart cringes at the embedded privilege that saturates the statement. Yet, I have been that friend. I have been the one who has made ignorant assumptions based upon my  21-year-old,  middle class, … Continue reading black lives matter


"Foosball is of the Devil." // Bobby Boucher's Momma // In the year I happened to be born, a classic football movie called The Waterboy was also born. This movie showcases an iconic character that is torn between his love for his mother and for football. Momma Boucher tries to keep Bobby under her own control … Continue reading WORDS OF WISDOM FROM MOMMA BOUCHER


Dear Beloved Child of God, I know what it is like to struggle. Ever since the moment I was born, people tried to kill me, stop me, or hurt me. There wasn't a waking moment that was easier than the last. Yet, in that struggle something happened. Something magical and radical. In the midst of … Continue reading A LETTER TO YOU FROM THE CHURCH


When my girlfriend (Suz) reminds me to do something, she follows up with two questions. She asks, "Did you hear me?" then she will ask, "But did you listen?" At first, I thought this was just a clever ploy to get me to remember what she told me. But when I started thinking about this, … Continue reading CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?