discipleship is dependence

4 questions to ask an old friend

Growth is always a goal. We are either growing towards Jesus or away from him. We grow from victory, not for victory. Jesus has won. Rest in his victory, but grow to fight the sin within you knowing that you will fail. Any growth that I talk about is from a place of victory, not…

the truth about minimalism: is it worth it?

Everyone is becoming someone. Minimalism is a way to become who you desire to be. It is living within your boundaries. It is living with purpose. When everything you own is intentional and purposeful, it allows you to appreciate what you have, instead of wanting what you don’t.

we have corrupted calling

Our hearts have been conditioned to glorify ourselves. We are all calling-amnesiacs. In the everyday pursuit of making our lives as productive, comfortable, and enjoyable as possible we forget the one who calls us. We have a calling because we have been called. What makes calling confusing is that we are constantly forgetting the one…

rules of a steady life

Why such a big deal about steadiness? Because if we don’t live a steady life then we will go wherever the waves want us to. We will be pushed by anxiety, stress, and busyness and become someone that we never wanted to be.

the grief of a graduate

Milestones mark movements. They mark the movement from one season to the next. I can’t imagine driving down the interstate with no warning signs of construction or no signs telling me where I am. The signs mark when I need to move. Right now, graduates all over America are missing a milestone, a sign.


It’s ok to not be ok – just don’t stay there. MATT CHANDLER One of my all-time favorite stories in the Bible is in Exodus, specifically chapter four. It is when God has a dialogue with Moses through a burning bush. I connect with this passage in more ways than one, but something that I…


While being a student at Johnson University, I have read a lot of books and written a lot of reviews and reports. Many books given out by the professors are meant to be inspiring, yet many repeat a lot of what was written in the first couple chapters. Do not get me wrong, these books…