we have corrupted calling

Our hearts have been conditioned to glorify ourselves. We are all calling-amnesiacs. In the everyday pursuit of making our lives as productive, comfortable, and enjoyable as possible we forget the one who calls us. We have a calling because we have been called. What makes calling confusing is that we are constantly forgetting the one who calls us.

black lives matter

Black lives matter is not an attack on all lives matter.  When I hear well meaning white friends say "all lives matter" my heart cringes at the embedded privilege that saturates the statement. Yet, I have been that friend. I have been the one who has made ignorant assumptions based upon my  21-year-old,  middle class, … Continue reading black lives matter


The following numbers in your life may vary. But there is only one constant. They DO NOT define who you are, what you are worth, or what you can accomplish in your life. In Christ, you have a new name. In Christ, you are enough. In Christ, you are worthy. In Christ, you are loved. … Continue reading NUMBERS THAT DO NOT DEFINE YOU


Robin Williams has to be one of the greatest actors/comedians to ever hit the big screen. He brings a light-heartedness and joyful persona to every movie he has ever touched. Growing up, I loved Williams as Teddy Roosevelt in Night at the Museum. The scene below from Night at the Museum captures how we can live as someone we … Continue reading WHAT ARE YOU MADE OF?