4 questions to ask an old friend

Growth is always a goal. We are either growing towards Jesus or away from him. We grow from victory, not for victory. Jesus has won. Rest in his victory, but grow to fight the sin within you knowing that you will fail. Any growth that I talk about is from a place of victory, not of defeat. Growth is for the sake of sanctification, not for justification.

7 lessons from 1 year of marriage

In everything, let the gospel be the narrative of your marriage. Remind yourself of your desperate need for God's grace. Know your sins are forgiven in Christ. Walk in new life knowing the old has passed away and the new is here. Your spouse can't take your sin. Only Jesus. When we surrender to Christ then forgiveness gets easier, patience gets easier, and love gets easier. Because we know that Jesus did it for us.

we have corrupted calling

Our hearts have been conditioned to glorify ourselves. We are all calling-amnesiacs. In the everyday pursuit of making our lives as productive, comfortable, and enjoyable as possible we forget the one who calls us. We have a calling because we have been called. What makes calling confusing is that we are constantly forgetting the one who calls us.


College has been one of the most stretching, amazing, and growing times of my life and I am only two years in. I know that without my faith, college would've kicked my butt long ago. College is a make it or break it time, and sometimes things that were mandatory growing up fall to the … Continue reading HOW TO FIGHT FOR YOUR FAITH IN COLLEGE


It's ok to not be ok - just don't stay there. MATT CHANDLER One of my all-time favorite stories in the Bible is in Exodus, specifically chapter four. It is when God has a dialogue with Moses through a burning bush. I connect with this passage in more ways than one, but something that I … Continue reading FEELINGS ARE NOTHING TO FEAR


Who am I? High School is a time in life where people attempt to create “self-defining” lists. High School is also kinda messed up. If this hasn't been your experience… great; but I’m willing to bet that if I did a survey, the majority would agree that high school is a culmination of comparison, cliques, … Continue reading DIFFERENTLY DEFINED – Will Imfeld


A LEADER HAS INFLUENCE "The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority." -Ken Blanchard I have mentioned on Upward Glory before that during my freshman year of college I was mentored. If you want to read more about how mentorship impacted my life go check out Imagine Your Reality. I remember during one of our meetings … Continue reading WHAT MAKES A LEADER? (Part 3)


A LEADER IS A LIFETIME LEARNER “As long as you live, you learn; as long as you learn, you live.” - Howard Hendricks Learning is a part of living. There is nothing like the moment of enlightenment when you figure out a process or an idea. Even better is when you see an enlightenment moment … Continue reading WHAT MAKES A LEADER? (Part 2)