While being a student at Johnson University, I have read a lot of books and written a lot of reviews and reports. Many books given out by the professors are meant to be inspiring, yet many repeat a lot of what was written in the first couple chapters. Do not get me wrong, these books … Continue reading THE SIMPLE GOSPEL


The past couple weeks, My girlfriend and I have been in a state of recovery. At the beginning of Johnson's fall break, we both had our wisdom teeth taken out (I know... goals). After the procedure, we were both in pain. I had never been in surgery before so I learned that I don't get … Continue reading WISDOM IN THE WILDERNESS


In the past couple months, we have seen the horrible impact that fires, hurricanes, and humans can have on the land we all love. Headline after headline, there are people who have lost so much. As a consumer of this knowledge, I can get into the habit of thinking that these issues are so distant … Continue reading PRAY WITH ME