All people have a longing to create. Whether you intentionally or accidentally create, you are nonetheless creating. You create relationships, ideas, and your future. We have all dreamt about where we want to be in life because, naturally, we want to create the future we dream.

My freshman year RA, Rob, was a great mentor and leader to me. I knew nobody coming into college, and he helped me feel at home. One of the things he excels at is woodworking–the reason this is cool to me is because I do not. Any wood I have ever worked was measured and laid out for me. All I had to do was either nail or screw it together. It takes no creative capacity in order to put together something that was someone else’s idea.

Rob had the exact same car as me and due to his wood-working capabilities, he made a center console out of wood. That triggered me to think I could do the same thing, so I did.

This is what I learned from the simple, yet creative process of making an idea come to life:


Limitation is a natural part of the creative process. I had to look within what was already created in order to work with it. If I had made the console without measuring my car, then what would be the point. I had to work within the limits already made.

God had to do the same thing with creation. He choose to make water, land, plants, and animals. So when it came time for humans to enter the scene. God had to allow humans to fit within those limitations. God created us to thrive within the limitations we are in. We have to eat in order to survive. We can eat from the limits God made. We were made to breath in order to survive. So we breathe the air created from trees. We all have to work from the limitations we are in.

Ignorance to the limitation you are in will lead to unhealthy plans. Before a vision can be started, you have to know your limitation. Even though this seems like a hindrance; it is actually freeing. When you realize what you can work with, that is when you will do your best work. The goal of an idea isn’t to show it off, but to make an impact in the place it is needed most. Limitation is the first step to making your idea into a reality.


A day of worry is more exhausting than a week of work.
– John Lubbock

Worry weakens our work. Every minute spent worrying about something that did, didn’t, or might happen takes us away from the ability to decide what will happen.

How do we escape the trap of worry? You have to know the truth about yourself and your past.

You are a child of God and your past in forgiven. It is only when you internalize these facts will worry escape you. Jesus didn’t die for your sins for you to worry about them. He died to give you a fresh start, a new beginning.

Grow in the truth God has given you. Begin the journey from worry to unity with God.


In his defense Jesus said to them, “My Father is always at His work to this very day, and I too am working.”  – John 5:17

When God created the universe He didn’t leave it to run itself. He intentionally intertwines himself into His work. As imaginators, visionaries, and leaders, we are meant to work our creation. Create the work, and then work what you create.

I don’t leave my console on a shelf to be admired by myself. No, it stays in my car where people can lay their arm on it and ask why I made it. I was inspired by Rob to flex my creative wood-working muscle. You will also inspire others to try new and exciting things. When you work what you create, you let others see that they can turn their ideas into a reality too.

When we create, we naturally partake in the image of God inside of us. It may be a ministry, a relationship, or a console. I know that no matter what it is, God wants to use you to inspire others. He wants you to create and then work what you create. Even though we can create physical things, I want to ask you to go beyond that. I want to ask you.

What are you creating with your life?

If you need prayer, please visit the Contact page and let me know so I can pray for you. If you have a message that God wants you to share, then visit the Guest Posting page.


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