God has equipped and shipped us in order to fulfill the calling He has given us. But there is never a set time or place our calling is completed. If God is calling you to be a doctor. Then once you get your PhD do you move on to your next calling? No, now you use the degree God gave you as a platform to do His work. Callings are never finished. I know God has called me to be a Youth Minister. Even if I hang up my Youth Ministry coat one day because I’ll be too old. The calling will always continue.

God hasn’t placed a small calling on my heart. As a 19 year old those dreams can be intimidating. I’m too young. I’m not smart enough. My life is a mess. To be honest, I often feel like the most unqualified person in history that God has called into ministry. But I know that God’s faithfulness will outlast my fear.

God chooses to compare His calling to a cup in Gethsemane. Jesus says

“My Father if it is possible, may this cup be taken from me. Yet not as I will, but you will.”

Matt. 26:39

Jesus’ calling is His cup. Your calling is the cup God is telling you to take. Jesus is referring to the cross which is the cup He must take. The thing is, Jesus didn’t have to take it. He could’ve said “nah” and walked out of the garden without a single drop of blood leaving His body. I bet His mind was telling Him to do that the whole time. Yet, He didn’t.

When Jesus compares His calling to a cup it doesn’t make sense. Until we see what happens on the road of Golgotha. There someone offered Jesus wine mixed with gall. What this person was trying to do was take away the pain from Jesus. Gall is an opiate which would make Him insensible to pain. Jesus tasted the cup and spit it out. What Jesus knew is that the pain was part of his cup. He had to take all the pain so that He could honestly tell you “I know how that feels”. He understands the hurts this world can bring. He was willing to take the dirty water we drink in order to give us His living water.

There are some talented people on this earth who can inhale a whole water bottle in one gulp. But the cup, the destiny that God has chosen for each of us cannot be swallowed in one gulp. It is a day in, day out process of fighting temptation and trusting God. Fighting temptation and trusting God. Fighting temptation and trusting God. It’s a process that takes time to cultivate.

How could Jesus pass a cup that would take all the agony and pain away?

Jesus was more focused on the cup that was coming instead of the cup that was passing. Jesus knew that the plans God had for Him were better than the comfort of this world. We face the same battle every day. We can take the easy way out. This world is waiting to give us everything our flesh wants, but God is waiting to give us everything our soul needs. [ TWEET THIS ] Jesus took his final cup in John 19 and with His last breath said “IT IS FINISHED”.

So when disappointment and frustration plague you. Remember that the cup God has for you is better than the cup that is passing you. Take the cup of your calling. It isn’t pain-free or comfortable, but you can have confidence that when Jesus calls you home you can look back on your life and say “IT IS FINISHED”. And it’s amazing that you did nothing but trust the power of Jesus to pull you through. Even if you feel like the cups you have taken have placed you on the sideline. Jesus is calling you back to be a starter on His eternal team. Our past is shattered in the shadow of the cross. You don’t have to be more because Jesus is enough.

What cup are you going to take today?

Your name is my name and my name for Your glory.

Forever and Ever, Amen.

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